Founded in 1993, the section of English major started to recruit undergraduates since 1995. In 2003, it was authorized as the major qualified to confer master’s degree in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics. In 2004, it started to recruit postgraduates of foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, mainly engaging in research on contrastive legal linguistics between English and Chinese and legal English translation theory and practice. In 2010, English major (engaging in fields of law, economy and trade) was established as a specialty major development site of Chongqing’s universities and colleges, and was authorized to grant master's degree in translation in the same year. In 2011, it started to recruit postgraduates of translation studying legal translation and economic and trade translation. In 2013, English major (engaging in fields of law, economy and trade) was confirmed as one of the only two specialty majors among all the universities and colleges directly under the administration of Chongqing municipal government. In 2019, it was approved as a first-class professional major in Chongqing, and successfully set up the experimental class of human rights study to train all-round talents in both English and law. In 2020, it was allowed to establish the compound talents training project of dual bachelor’s degrees in “law+English”, with the first batch of 60 students enrolled.

Our major boasts a strong faculty with balanced education backgrounds and technical titles. At present, we have 25 members in the teaching staff, of whom 3 are professors, 9 are associate professors, 10 hold doctoral degree, and 2 are pursuing doctoral degree at universities at home and abroad. Our department provides students with the following core courses : legal English, legal English reading, contrastive study and translation of English- Chinese legal language, Business English, integrated English, advanced English, English audio-visual-speaking, basic English writingtranslation theory and practice , etc. Among these courses, basic English writing and advanced English have been granted the title of “excellent course of SWUPL”. 

Our major goal is to cultivate inter-disciplinary students that are excellent both in professional knowledge and in innovative ability. Upon graduation, they are qualified to engage in translation, scientific research, teaching, management or law enforcement in the fields of foreign affairs, law, economy and trade, culture, press and publication, education, scientific research, and tourism, etc.. Graduates will have a solid foundation in English language, good practical skills in English and well-developed abili...


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